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From the "just when you thought you've seen everything stupid" dept.
posted Monday October 6, 2003 @ 10:19 by bigass

So I flip up my launchpad this morning, and what do I see on the front page news?

"Streamlining Iraq new goal of White House"

What the? Streamlining? s totally clear to me that Iraq needs to be streamlined. Logically, it is the first thing you think of doing s government/police and allowing widespread looting. If I were a citizen of Iraq, with a looted Persian rug belonging to Sadam Hussein in my living room, I would totally agree with this statement.
s operations need to be streamlined. Why stop there, the East m sure there was some signifigant streamlining done cleaning up the crater of the World Trade Buildings. What a clever axiom, to convey some effect of control and composure. Who is writing the White House press ? Apparently so. Maybe I will buy 400 shares of Nasdaq:IRAQ. Ill be rich I tell you.

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