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You Are All Invited!
posted Monday October 6, 2003 @ 20:49 by R2K

Well every1 it's that wounderfull time of year where we celebrate great things such as chainsaws, spoons, and internet porn.

Yes I am refering to the party(s) of the year. They are:......

Oct 23rd Thursday: The "Randy drinking fiasco"
this will be held in teh evening (7:00) at the local Tom + J's in Newmarket. All are welcome (crashing at me place is allowed)

Oct 24th Friday: The long awaited "Evil Dead Fest 4" (EDF4)
Yes at my place, first movie at 7:00 sharp (7:30 scott standard time) and goes till all 3 are done or we pass out. BYOB, C and D. Crash if u need to.

Any questions comments or concerns i don't care.

Hope u can all make it (nightwolf and fighter pilot's included)
and the "i'm in frigen Florida" excuse was used last year Smeetz, try a new excuse for once like... u have a new shinny bucket or somthing.


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