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Alive and Well
posted Monday October 20, 2003 @ 07:21 by R2K

Well, well

Don't call it a comeback i tell ya.
don't know if u guys were watching the news or anything this weekend but there was a HUGE storm/flood in vancouver where i was staying for the EB show.
They evacuated surrounding towns and the river overflowed so much that it took out the only road out of town and the train bridge as well.
but all in all we managed to get out and home safe and sound.

The show was AMAZING!!!
Got lots-o-swag (more than last year by far)
WAY 2 much to drink all weekend long and i must tell ya i have a new love for sony. They put on a great party for us and had the Black IP's come and put on a show for us as well!

Good times i tell ya,
well off to bed, got to get rid of this jet lag here, hope to see oyu all on THURS and FRI!


p.s. I DID get an N-Gage!!

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