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We Came, Saw, Drank, and ran into the wall
posted Monday November 3, 2003 @ 21:57 by R2K

Well everyone,

EDF4 was great this year,
i just thought that i would point out some of the highlights of this years event incase u missed them due to absence of body/and or mind.

What started off good got interesting, it turened out everyone though it was my b-day when it was the day B4, worries my rents even forgot. So what do they do, they do, they phone me from afganestain or wherever they were on my cell phone to say sorry. Ya that's nice and all, but now that there is an international call on my phone that will cost me my left nut!!!!

No one yaked, passed out after 2 jell-o shooters, ran into somthing (excluding me of course) and i learned some very valuable lessions.

1. Don't drink smirinoff and have nightwolf and big ass make you a drink with red bull and whatever they happen to find in the kitchen....i swear there was some crystal meth in it.

2. Don't listen to Bigass immediatly after that because you will do whatever he mentions including running into things (i hate u by the way!)

3. After that, Don't listen to nightwolf, he will make u do it again to get the "DVD reverse angle" for his/your viewing pleasures.

4. Make sure to yell at the "ZAA" delivery guy when he gets your order of 4 XL's wrong. U end up getting free shit!

5. And finally, ummmm, did i say i hate bigass!!

Thanx every1 for coming, get ready for EDF5 coming this spring!!!!!

R2K out

p.s. post about the vancouver show in a day or 2

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