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so ya...
posted Monday November 17, 2003 @ 13:41 by nightwolf

saturday night, i was heading home around 4:30am going up Yonge Street from the city. it was all green lights, then 1 red light right in the middle near Major Mac. i was like wtf, roads were dead. then my radar detector starts going nuts. after the light changes to green and i go through, i look to my right, and look at that, cop car sitting on the side of the other in the other direction with his lights off. probably looking for people running the ONLY red light on Yonge St.

few minutes after that... i had the mid-night munchies, and there was an open mcdonalds so i pull in... sign said "Breakfast Served: 6:00am to 10:30am" so im like okay ill get a mcchicken combo or something, then the guy says they are only serving breakfast, it was 4:41am!!! lazy bastards... so i got a
mcgriddle, still yummy...

ya im bored right now, had nothing to do but write this crap heh. ugh i need a job.

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