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I'm Still Alive......Just badly Burnt
posted Thursday December 11, 2003 @ 06:23 by R2K

Hey all,

Well incase you all haven't heard I have transfered stored yet again and am now residing in Barrie.
Yes Barrie.
To go from the ghetto of rexdale to the cheap jew of promenede and to the hic of barrie in 6 this is really weird.
i've never sold more hunting games in my life i think!!!
As usual the place was a mess, worked about 240hrs in the first 3 weeks (80hrs/week) and still managed to D.J. on top of that.
The drive's o.k., the earliar get up is not bad, the thought that pam and rob and their kid now live with us till jan 15th and she's due again dec31st amongst all this.....priceless....or somthing like that.

I had an interview with the new VR and they didn't use me on the news probably b'c i used too many big words that the hics of Barrie couldn't understand like cool, awsome and killographic.

oh well, At least i have my sanity....for now

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