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The Real Ferg
posted Friday December 12, 2003 @ 12:06 by theferg

Sigh, one wonders what goes on when the lady of the house is sleeping: those last 2 posts just answered that:)
R2K! There you are! We assumed you were working totally uberkill (trying to be like you) so we knew it would be pointless to try to get a hold of you. I have some suggestions as to why you've been bounced around like some bad weed at the Bradford Coffee Time...... (clears throat)

1. Somebody up high in the secret EB world just doesn't like you.
2. Somebody up high in the secret EB world thinks you're making everyone else look bad by working so much so they're trying to make you dissapear.
3. Somebody up high in the secret EB world is playing you as Mario in their real life video game giving you many complicated tasks to complete and hurdles to jump (ie a new store every few months to whip into shape). Do not worry though, when you think you're starting to burn out you will unexpectedly win a magical sword and a real life princess toadstool ;)
4. Randy is hitting on too many female EB customers (there are female EB customers?), and before the populations of Rexdale, and Promenade suddenly explode with new Randy babies he must be isolated in the snowy region of Barrie, where a population explosion is desperately needed.

Those are my ideas and I'm stickin to 'em
Ferg out

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