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posted Monday March 1, 2004 @ 20:13 by bigass

So, how best to perpetuate the Canadian stereotype?

1. Have a BBBQ in February (the extra B is for BYOBB. the extra B in BYOBB is a typo.)

2. Go hot tubbing and eat back bacon in February

3. Rip the hard top off R2K's jeep and go booting around for a few hours with the tunes cranked in February.

Needless to say, we chose #3! Yea, now that I'm a jeep guy, I had to represent. Incidently, R2K and others: here is the run down on the "jeep wave". I score higher, wave at me bizatch!

Spent the other half of the weekend fixing a burst heater pipe that spewed the majority of my coolant all over the road on the way home from work. Just to clarify, if you're ever troubleshooting a coolant leak, don't bother trying to read the repair manual to target specific lines. Just fill that m0f0 to the top and watch for the geiser of boiling coolant. Or atleast that's how I did it.

*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed mechanic.

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