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posted Saturday March 20, 2004 @ 00:19 by nightwolf

sounds like fun bigass...

ive had a weird week. first time (and hopefully last time) calling 911. im not going to get into why the cops were here. but when they first arrived, i got into a bit of a panic, thought one guy was one that gave me a ticket 2 months ago heh. not sure if he was the one or not, if he was, he didnt say anything, which was good under the circumstances.

on another topic, anyone want to take over the last 18 months of a 2002 benz c240 lease? cant afford it no more :( damn fun car though.

bork might be relocating soon, as my servers will have to be moved in the next bit. hopefully i can keep it a clean move over. maybe ill get around to updating the site then.

i know a lot of the readers on this site are local to the group of us in ontario. im gonna throw up a 'for sale' section of some of my extra stuff laying around. hopefully be stuff someone might want, i could really use the cash these days.

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