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Latest news from Toronto's hardest worker :)
posted Wednesday March 31, 2004 @ 19:30 by theferg

So here I am at work at 8:09 on a wednesday night. Randy can no longer attest that he is the only one that sleeps over at work. Tonight is my virgin night. Why may you ask did I work a full 8 hour day and then come back to work/sleep 12 more? Because when the owner of a 20 year old cat who just had half of his cancerous bladder removed, and then an emergency blood transfusion right afterwards wants to know their pet is safe overnight, we will do *anything* to make them feel secure. Hence little ol me braving the city (with my trusty Pit Bull of course). Lexy btw may be having some extensive dental work done tomorrow morning so say a prayer for her (and for my wallet).

Ferg out

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