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COMING HOME!.....but not yet...
posted Friday April 2, 2004 @ 16:24 by Powell

So, first of all, Yes, I finally talked to Dereck for a login. But I need the 'p' capitalized damnit!

I am heading home on April 20th, after monitoring an exam on the 19th. I plan on starting work right on the 21st, so no rest for the overtired or however that proverb goes.

Plan is to do the pool opening season with my pool company and our new recruit (my brother), so that will get me back into shape and also some much needed outdoor time. Hopefully by the end of the opening season I will have a proper GIS job lined up and I wont have to comit to maitenance season with the pool company. Not that I dont like it, just that I really want to start on a career with GIS and not Pools, due mainly to my interest and the fact that it involves less hours and still good pay :-)

Anyways....I am going to have to drive Back up to TBay for my graduation May28th (I think thats the date), so I am basically taking almost a week from Wed-Monday to drive up, pack the rest of my stuff, attend back home. It will be fun, hopefully. Will have to find somewhere to stash mother while me and Michael go get ourselves shit-faced. Hopefully Ellen will drive up with us and she and mother can go to the casino or talk about how I am disorganized at my place (I know where everything is).

So, this is my first news posting, lots to say, little time to say it. Hope everything is going along well down south and I am anxious to get back and fall off the wagon as much as I can while getting a paycheck in. After 4 years of University I am REALLY looking forward to having a paycheck come in every other week instead of money just going out. Soo many plans...

*Edit* btw, how many people outside of who I know, read this page?

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