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Fast food, grease and lunch
posted Wednesday April 14, 2004 @ 11:52 by bigass News

Wow, nice day, fresh air and sunshine. Of course, lunch complements it nicely. Unless you're eatting in 'teh twi-lite' zone...

Went to A&W for a burger and root beer for lunch. Get in there, order the usual. Then realize that everyone working there is atleast 40+ with gray hair. The manager, the chick working the drive through, the guy serving me, all the guys working the grill: they were all old folks. Typical oldies music playing in the background and I'm thinking, "Wow, these people must have been listening to this stuff when it first came out!".

Guy takes my order, and he's obviously new. He gives me more head on my root beer than actual rootbeer in the glass. By the time it settles the mug is half full. He mangles the interac machine and has to get the manager to tell him how to punch in the order.

It was almost as if everyone working at the restaurant was in the same boat as Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. Everyone quit their jobs and decided to take the least amount of responsibility as possible. A weird case of life impersonating art, or the other way around? *cue twilight zone music*

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