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Exams...Assignments....Drink your worries away...
posted Thursday April 8, 2004 @ 21:17 by Powell

One exam down, two more to go. Oh, but I also have FOUR Term papers to write, 3 philosophical and one geographical, joy.

Well, 2 of the 3 philosophy papers will be one nighters with minimal research and mostly just BS with a bunch of opinion, but the third one is for a fourth year course and will require a couple days of solid research (and I only have 10 more days left).

So I figure if I can get 3 done in 3 days and 1 done in 3 days, then I will have 4 days of rest, relax, Study, and packing.

But in all reality I will probably leave them to the last minute and it will be 2 papers in one day, 2 papers in 2 days, pack in 2 hours, study in 1 hour, and try and forget about everything in whatever other time I have left before my drive home.

Oh ya...little story...

In the fall after Michael came up to visit the Tempo ran out of juice (batter dead) after I left it for 3 days without running it. I noticed earlier that there was a draw on the batter or else the battery was just not holding a charge, so I was trying to run it at least once a day to keep it going, but....after Michael flew back home I forgot about it as I was getting some assignments done and stuff and then it was dead...for good.

Sooo....with my high procrastination ability I was able to leave replacing the battery until it was Frozen...yep...dead batteries freeze beyond somewhere in the -25+ temperature range. So, I said "fuck it" and left it till it got warmer as the positive terminal connection had a stripted nut which needed a special tool to get off and I didnt have it at the moment, plus I didnt really like the idea of standing outside in -30 degree weather for 30+ minutes trying to fumble around with small bolts/nuts.

So left it I did...all the way till about mid March when I finally got off my ass, got the battery disconnected, begged a friend for a ride down to CT to get a new battery and give them my frozen (now thawed) battery. Got back home with the battery put it in...tried to start the car go. So after a few choice thoughts I got my tow cared down to CT and told them to take care of it. They call me up within the next hour and tell me that the battery was faulty and they would only charge me labour for putting in the new battery, well #$@%, you sell me a faulty batter that I install myself and cause me to get frustrated and tow my car down there then charge me for putting in a battery that works...stupid shit...stupid, stupid shit.

So...I finally get back, fill the car to full and figure that will last me till I have to go home. Two weeks later of only using the car for aproximately 50km in errands I take a look at the gass and it is down to 1/4 of a tank. Shit...back out the car, look at the ground, smell the gass puddle, choice words....head back to CT.

They tell me my gass tank needs replacing and that labour + straps + tank = $460. All I can say is that they are fucking lucky I got a 2k bursary and dont need to save for another 10k in tuition for next year.

Car is back in its spot, waiting for me to drive it back down south, nothing wrong with it, except that I need to hitup the pawn shop for a replacement CD player so I wont go stir-crazy on the way back listening to that fucked up cbs station.

Anyways, with all this going on I managed to have a nice two day long stress headache, which I believe is the first one I have ever noticed having as I dont normally react to stress at all, but combined naggings from the home front down south (not you guys), exams, assignments, car/financial issues, and trying to finalize my pool job and get a resume put to gether, was just getting to me.

Thank god for friends that are in a similar situation and saturday nights that start with big meals, lots of desserts, and oh so much drinking that you remember most of it, but there is always parts that you cannot remember where you seemed to have some special involvement in.

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