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heh weird night...
posted Sunday April 11, 2004 @ 04:06 by nightwolf

so i was down in the city. dropped friend off at their house around 2am in Thornhill. took a spin by Woodbridge to see who was out racing still. was a bit of people, but not much. had my laptop with me, found a shit load of open wireless access points, checked out a few.

so headed home, around 4am... getting into aurora, and i see the cop helicopter flying back and forth in the sky... odd... kept going down yonge street, few side streets had cops with their lights on blocking the roads. this perked my interested. i had the gps on the laptop, so i checked to see what other ways i could get into those streets they were blocking. went around a few, got by, saw a cop here and there, nothing more. then near industrial parkyway i was about to head home, and a cop comes outta nowhere and throws on the lights behind me. i wasnt doing nothing wrong so no big deal. 2 more cops show up out of nowhere. ask for my licence, went back to the car. i asked the one dude what was up, he said theres some guy out running they are looking for, so their stopping everyone. gave me a drill on where i came from, where i was going (from the city, heading home around the corner). gave me back my licence and told me to go. saw another 3 cops on the way up the road. in total i must have passed like 13 cop cars. funny seeing what their priority was, my front licence plate still isnt on the car, none of them hassled me about it.

so ya, thats my post for the night. 128 access points found in a short time on the major roads only heh, funny shiznat. i should have plotted them with the gps, maybe next time. didnt find too much interesting tonight on the open ones, just free fast inet. oh ya, gonna change the main page here very soon to a new news setup, ill have to get you guys to re-reg on it when i do.

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