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Green Day concert rocked!!
posted Saturday August 13, 2005 @ 23:34 by theferg

To all of you who went to the concert (aka Bandit), good for you, no need to explain. For all of you that didn't, I shake my head and give a tsk.

This was the show of the year to see, they kicked so much ass there is not enough adjectives in the dictionary to explain it. I will give a few glimpses as to why it rocked so hard:

-a 2 hour set with like 20 songs
-4 song encore
-the fact that no one minded waiting 4.5 hours standing in a crowd
-a large pink bunny that chugs beer (but didn't smoke a joint this year)
-Billie's harmonica solo
-onstage masturbation (encouraged by thousands of screaming fans, including moi)
-their cover of Queen's We are the Champions
-5 full minutes of fireworks afterwards
-huge cannons that shot out confetti with GD's logo on it
-getting 3 kids to come onstage to play their instruments for them (Billie to guitar player "you're only 17? Have you ever gotten laid? Well you're gonna tonight!!!")
-Billie's oh so sexy pelvic thrusts ("I'm feeling like a dog in heat" was more MY line than his, but he mimed it well)

I swear, if I had the power to go backstage, and if Billie wasn't so fu*#cking loyal to his wife, I would DEFINETLY put to use the celebrity clause Dan and I came up with. (Sorry babe, you weren't didn't SEE him!) :) :) :)

This was my 4th time seeing them and I think they just get better each time. When hardly anyone is crowd surfing or moshing, its such a sign of respect that NO ONE was taking their eyes of Billie. He is the best frontman of any band; he just commands so much attention. If he wants you to scream something stupid - you will do it. If he wants you to hold a note longer than you can - you will sing till you have no more breath. If he encourages you to scream, then folds his arms and frowns disapprovingly for 2 full minutes - you will scream, scream some more, scream your tonsils out, then put them back in and scream some more, hoping to break that frown into his crooked-toothed smile so he will remember that YOUR town screamed louder and longer than any other town :)

One interesting fact I came across that night is that when you try to contain 30,000+ people within chain link fencing one of three things will happen:
1) People will break down the fence and go through it
2)People will climb over the fence
3)People will climb under the fence

I faced three fences, and got to use one offensive move from each category. Got home around 3 am, VERY dirty (actual dirt came off me in the shower!), tired, sweaty, every part hurts and needs massaging...but ALLLL worth it. Also, why are people trying to roll joints while bent on one knee in a crowd? You roll them at home, you bring them in. You roll them at home, and you bring them in! Thats a lot easier than losing half your stash in the dirt. Although this guy with 3 nipple rings jumped right into every mosh pit, so you've got to believe theres not a lot going on upstairs.
Anyway, I'm going to have a permagrin for the next 2 weeks as I reminice about the best night of my life so far this year.

Ferg off to dreamland (XXX dreamland I hope)

posted by wolf on Sunday August 14, 2005 @ 01:16:


posted by R2K on Sunday August 14, 2005 @ 09:51:

Yes it sounds like u had a fun....espesially your voice. You sounded like you were going through peaubertythe next day.
So your dirty and in XXX dreamland
and Dan's been replaced by a poster Billie...

posted by biig on Sunday August 14, 2005 @ 16:01:

I'm sure that guy with the nipple rings only had 1 or 2 when he left.

Anyhoo... nice...

posted by dan on Tuesday August 16, 2005 @ 18:19:

yea i have been replaced my screensaver is cone now there is some billy pick on there :(

i think he should just come take her away she wil be happy :)

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