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more idiots on the road
posted Tuesday July 19, 2005 @ 18:40 by nightwolf Rants

too many idiots on the road. one i saw today was a red kia that went up the on ramp to get ahead a whole ONE car length. i guess he cant help it though, being from newfoundland (according to the plates). mr HEP579, i salut you.

why did you click Read More? not like there was gonna be much in here? unless you are here for the comments, then post away! who pissed you off lately?

posted by wolf on Saturday July 23, 2005 @ 23:13:

heh AVMP 924. lil wannabe-ricer honda trying to race from a red light when the person beside him doesnt race at all. then he flashes his 4ways up the road like he won. hes the idiot of the night.

posted by BigDaddy on Sunday July 24, 2005 @ 10:31:

Guess I need to put my two cents in here. Driving home friday, watching some idiot on a bike try to kill himself. He cut through a parking lot to aviod the corner of Main and Davis and pulled out cutting off the car in front of me. He then proceded to race up behind the car in front of him, makign his bike whine because he wouldn't change gears. The he began to swerve back and forth like a racer trying to keep his tires warm, while doing 70+ on Main Street. He got my Idiot of the night award.

posted by biig on Sunday July 24, 2005 @ 13:58:

Just to note Josh, that wasn't me you saw on Friday :)

posted by biig on Tuesday July 26, 2005 @ 07:52:

731 VAY. Red Pontiac Vibe. Drove slow enough to miss every green light, and jammed on the brakes everytime he had 5 seconds of yellow. Congratulations, before today I had no idea of how long it could possibly take me to get to work while sitting behind a douche-bag.

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