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canada day
posted Friday July 1, 2005 @ 16:33 by nightwolf Rants

this post is gonna be a long mess of hard to read rants... you have been warned...

man, the 400 series highways goto shit on the long weekends.

highway 400 = pile of shit,
cops = flies...

theres cops all over the place, no, not for road safety; they are there for the bling bling.

at one point yesterday everyone was going 10kph. two cops went flying up the shoulder, figured there was an accident or something. five minutes later we get to where there is a car on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck, no cops in sight. they went right past it somewhere, not sure where. cause then the speed opened up for a bit so i got going pretty good, no cops in sight for like 10km. guess they needed refueling (food, not gas you silly kids).

i got a few pics of more in hiding also when they didnt have people pulled over. ill post them later. kinda funny to see all the tow trucks hanging around on ramps like eager lil beavers...

i had a list of licence plates in my pda also of idiots doing stupid stuff, but i forget which plate did what, so ill wait till next time. most of the time its stupid people hoping on the onramp to get ahead a whole ONE car, damn buddy, nice move. and yet somehow there was no cops around when this type of shit happens.

since this post is already so long with lots of crap, ill throw in the rant of the gas prices too. how the fsck can they jump 10 cents per day!!! i used to work at a gas station, new tankers come like every 3 days or so. prices dont change that often, just greedy bastards.

ill let scott post a comment rant about taxes on everything. like you pay income tax on your pay. pay tax on the new car you buy, then pay tax on the gas to put in it, wtf.

come on, come all, post your rants also...

posted by theferg on Saturday July 2, 2005 @ 11:26:

I have 21 mosquito bites and they're all itching at the same time (thats the best I can do, sorry Wolfie)
Ferg out

posted by R2K on Saturday July 2, 2005 @ 12:18:

As for idiot cops. I understand the whole hiding and setting up radar, but at least put it on a main road.
i saw one on millard, main st and wellington at young.
what the hell is the point of doing speed traps in areas where u cant really speed or arnt really major streets.

And to top it off, i've been pulled over 2 times this weekend for driving a stolen car......appparently people don't know the difference between a "Q" and a "O"

posted by theferg on Saturday July 2, 2005 @ 13:27:

make that 26. There was a few um, new discoveries..lets just say Scott, I feel your pain now.
Ferg out

posted by wolf on Saturday July 2, 2005 @ 14:15:

i think ive got about the same ferg, all on the side of my feet and stuff, itch like hell.

posted by R2K on Sunday July 3, 2005 @ 12:50:

Mike needs to get a mosquito tent around his backyard for next years party

posted by bandit on Monday July 4, 2005 @ 09:38:

Don't get me started ojn bug bites! I got this one bite onthe side of my face, (right on my temple) and since i'm slightly alergic or something, it's made my whole left eye swell up. Looks like i got into a scrap. Traffic was nothing for LIVE 8, all that hype about how impossible it would be to get there was total bullsh*t. The concert was awesome though. Except of course the burn I sustained.
Speaking of cops, if you hear stories about two tiburons (one black, one blue) racing up the the 400 at 1am thursday night, all I got to say is, if your driving fast enough and crazy enough, the cops don't even try to pull you over. (I swear, it wasn't me driving)

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