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I top any bad day
posted Thursday June 23, 2005 @ 19:07 by theferg News

This is to all the people who (like Dan) say that all I do at work is "play with puppies and kittens"

When we do get puppies and kittens in that are not dying of parvo disease (which makes them projectile out both ends), yes we do try to snuggle and play with them. But today was more like a typical day for me. Not only did I wrestle with 2 70 lb Airedales (aka Airheads) for simple procedures such as vaccines (some people have noooo control over their animals), the funnest part was where I had to clean maggots out of a dogs vulva and anus...mmmmm...

I was previously told that maggots only fed off of dead flesh. I would like to state for the record that maggots will feed off of anything that stays still long enough to allow them. I cannot imagine the feeling of maggots crawling and eating the inside of my vulva so its a good thing this dog was close to a coma when it arrived in this state....

I swear I won't eat rice or have sex for a month (to all chinese restaurants and Dan - I'm sorry, but you didn't see what I saw).
Ferg out

posted by wolf on Thursday June 23, 2005 @ 23:08:

yum. i had rice today, and probably will tomorrow.
your words dont express enough, next time make it a kodak moment.

posted by R2K on Friday June 24, 2005 @ 05:58:

Nothing like reading a story about projectile and magots in the morning while i'm eatting breakfast.....

She said no sex.....but what about oral/anal...just looking out 4 u Dan

posted by wolf on Friday June 24, 2005 @ 06:50:


posted by R2K on Saturday June 25, 2005 @ 13:49:

Well i guess city woks out of business now......

posted by biig on Saturday June 25, 2005 @ 18:09:

Ohh Nooo! Not my city shrimp!

posted by R2K on Sunday June 26, 2005 @ 10:05:

Ahhhh....not my city shrimp

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