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Loser of the day
posted Thursday June 9, 2005 @ 18:15 by theferg News

So I'm driving home on the 404 today...

Run across a car signalling left to come into my lane...I'm in an ok mood considering what a shitty ass day I had...I back off a bit to let him in (mind you we're crawling at like 40k)...He doesnt' come in...I give him a little "bip" (akin to the mr2) to let him know and I speed up and fill the gap....2 minutes later this guy is ahead of me again, I give him one more chance to change lanes before I declare him loser of the day. He doesn't take it...

I realize his window is open so I attempt to drive up beside him and yell "YOUR SIGNAL IS ON!"...He must have thought I was talking that 'black shit' (aka Theres a spider on your motherfucking head!!) cuz he ignored me and puffed away on his smoke...a bit later he ends up behind me...I think its serious education time...After a number of failed hand movements out the window I turn on MY left indicator (we're in the passing lane btw) and turn it off...on off, on, off, fucker don't get it. I try again a little bit later, on off....fucker don't get it...

My final count was 7.5 km he drove with his left signal on, which at our speeds was well over 10 minutes...
Mr. Cigarette Man in the black Volkswagon ARCH 903 I salute you!

Ferg out

posted by R2K on Thursday June 9, 2005 @ 18:22:

if his window was open you should've thrown somthing at him that would get his attention, like one of lex's chew toys or your bra.

posted by wolf on Thursday June 9, 2005 @ 23:04:

haha 'or your bra' nice. i should keep my other window open more often if theres a minor chance of that ever happening in traffic.

posted by Smeeetz on Friday June 10, 2005 @ 23:42:

Add all the idiots that feel they can get ahead a few cars by going into the onramp lane (that's merging into the same lane they are leaving.)

As was evident tonight on my way home around 404 and Finch.

I swear, the MoT must be giving out driver's license in cracker jack boxes now.

posted by wolf on Saturday June 11, 2005 @ 14:15:

Ya I hate the onramp fuckers.

Ugh on an unrelated note I am not burned. Got a killer sun burn out at the race track this weekend. Good to see bork came back up after the power outage. Also posting this from a blackberry, woot.

posted by Guest on Thursday June 16, 2005 @ 02:16:

hahah i had o chick today sitting there going streight through at the red light on davis with her left signal light on so i honked her and she thaught i was driveing toward her side so she swerves 2 the right and smashed on the gass and nearly hits the car beside her :) then lookes at me as i shought u onmy have ya signal on that is :)
hahahaha :)

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