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You sir win the prize for Biggest Idiot
posted Wednesday June 1, 2005 @ 12:59 by bigass Rants

So Ontario Energy Minister Dwight Duncan apparently thinks he has some bright ideas. One of them is that we sell off all of our power infrastructure, the power infrastructure that your and my hard earned dollars paid for, to private interests. The infrastructure we are still paying for and will probably keep paying for to private interests. I'll give you a hint, the article doesn't mention our interests, and if it doesn't work out, we will never get these assets back in our lifetimes if we sell them. This is a one shot deal...

The original article is here.

Granted, I'm all for free markets. But we are not talking about a free market solution here. We're talking about the same type of solution that plunged us into hydro rate hikes of 110% and left retired pensioners wondering how they could keep their homes (I am of course talking about the summer of 2002, when the Mike Harris government introduced 'deregulation', which was really a keyword for more legislation, not less). Privatizing in this case does not preclude the fact that the market is no more 'free' than any other government sanctioned/sold monopoly (auto insurance anyone?).

Let me quote the Minister from the article as saying:

"Duncan said in his government's view ``most of the exciting work in the energy field'' is occurring in the private sector"

Hey Dwight, I've got an idea for you to consider: Every morning when I plug an appliance into the wall, it works. There's power, it's reliable and it's somewhat more affordable than the last time the government dropped the ball on power (de)regulation under Mike Harris. And that's pretty fucking exciting if you ask me.

You want 'exciting' work in the power field? Then you're in the wrong field. The only exciting work your electorate is interested in is lower rates, higher reliability and less government intervention where it isn't required.

That shouldn't be 'exciting', that should be expected - and this proposition hits 0 for 3 on all of the above.

posted by dan on Thursday June 2, 2005 @ 19:23:

yea but it hurts wen u play with it 2 much they should recall that part that i got i wonder if i can get a refund ??? i think it was bad :)

posted by R2K on Thursday June 2, 2005 @ 21:47:

Plug for Wolfie: He still needs a a brother out

posted by wolf on Thursday June 2, 2005 @ 22:00:

respek to r2k! helping a brother out.

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