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Asshole of the day
posted Thursday May 5, 2005 @ 02:25 by theferg News

So I'm driving home from work today...

I'm heading north on Yonge St. inching through the traffic trying to head off to the 401 East on ramp. What do I see right in front of me? An asshole in a white pick up truck (923 8AL) with a Golden Retriever in the back of the truck (no cover btw).
Not only is the dog in the open back, its not even sitting in the bed part, its sitting ON TOP OF what seems to be one of those metal built in tool chests right behind the cab.

So the dog is sitting there, taking in the sights, completely level with the sides of the truck. One wrong turn and the dog will slide his ass off into traffic. So I'm thinking "theres no way this guy is going to drive on the highway like that with his dog!". Boy am I wrong! This asshole vrooms up the on ramp (which is very whindy(sp?) for those that don't know).

I try to catch up with asshole but he's speeding up, changing lanes...I'm picturing this dog sliding off any second. It keeps getting up and changing its position and shit. I'm looking around at the drivers near us trying to catch someones eye. Apparently no one is as shocked as I am. If not even for the safety of the dog, if a 90lb dog comes flying out of the back of a truck, its certainly going to be a danger to other drivers.

So as dickhead speeds off jumping ahead of people I lose him. I can see he is about 4 cars ahead of me and instead of chase him all the way to Oshawa just for the satisfaction to give him a honk and the finger, I go my usual way home and call the cops. Guess what? Not only is it perfectly legal for this guy to put his dog in a dangerous situation, it would be legal even if he had PEOPLE back there. So if passengers are IN the cab, they have to wear seatbelts. If they are in the BACK of the truck, thats fine.

After I called the cops I called animal control and then the OSPCA. I left a msg on someones answering machine. I can only hope his dog runs away and finds a REAL family.
What a fucked up world we live in... >:(

Ferg out

posted by Powell on Friday May 6, 2005 @ 05:29:


and its "windy"

posted by theferg on Saturday May 7, 2005 @ 08:28:

Ya but I think that is pronounced "wind-ee" like "boy its a windy day today"....lets consult

posted by biig on Sunday May 8, 2005 @ 00:20:

Think of the Beatles song, "Long and Winding Road". And in later news at 11:00, some blond chick in a purple station wagon with pictures of an institutionalized pit bull was arrested for disturbing the peace for chasing down a dumbass with a dog shitting all over the road from the back of his pickup truck.

The Oracle has spoken.

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