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Dude where's my car.....ah shit..........Stop Thief
posted Sunday March 13, 2005 @ 17:40 by R2K News

So what makes a man run fast, seeing his car drive away w/out him in it.......

I'm sitting in the lunch room at the sticker factory with Rob on friday and we are facing the window that looks out onto the street. The plant is located at the end of the court and has parking at the back. And since the parking is in the back i've heard nothing but horror stories about car thefts and break-ins.

All of a sudden i see an aqua jeep with a black hard top drive out from the side of the building. I just point and utter some noises. Now theirs this big tree out front and for some reason the car stoped on the street behind the tree (we couldnt see it).

So everyone including myself is woundering if it's my car, rob just looks at me and says go!

So i run out of the lunch room, over the staricase out the receiving door and just start booking it. I pull my industrial xacto knife out of my pocket all ghetto styles.

So the shit that goes through your head is uncanny. What to do, is it my car, but the chances of that colour. etc. and funny enough one thing i thought of was when skot got yelled at by some guy in his jeep and he grabbed his ice scraper and i though, i can do better, i have an xacto knife.

So i come around the corner and start analyzing the car (swinging the xacto knife in the air). Color-same, roof-same, CB radio-same, tinted-yes, half doors..........
by now i'm like 15 ft away.........
no half doors....
no half doors??
no half doors!!!
sure no half doors.....

I put the knife away and started walking back to the lunch room and i could see everyone's face pressed againse the window watching me. Rob goes "what would u have done if it was ur car?" I dont really know, but i think i avoided the question by telling him thanx for coming out to help me!

Ya scary/funny/adrenelane rush......

posted by wolf on Sunday March 13, 2005 @ 17:54:

heh nice story.

posted by Guest on Saturday March 19, 2005 @ 20:22:

yea good one dude :) if i was u comeing after me with an 1" long knife id run u over:) heheheh

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