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Your presence is hereby requested.
posted Thursday March 3, 2005 @ 16:47 by bigass News

Halo2 night Friday, March 18th....

There will be a Halo2 night at Josh's place
on Friday, March 18th 2005.

7pm-whenever someone starts spilling wine ;-)

i need everyone to bring
there own cont (or more if ya got it)
and some systems (if possible)
and some tvs (definitely)
q's let josh or randy know (post comments below)
277 Billings Crescent (off bristol rd)
direstions available upon request
byobb (the extra b is a typo)
plenty of room to crash

hope to see you all there, everyone is invited!

things required:
r2k-system, tv, cont, flagrant skills
marcus-system, tv, cont
chris-your body(meat shield only)
kevin-just bring it!!!!
dan-don't get pulled over on your way there

blatant rip off of randys post, because the last halo night worked out so well - it had to be the planning. r2k, feel free to forward this on through your super tubro spamming email machine thingy (address list).

ps. yes, josh knows about these plans and is expecting us :-)

posted by wolf on Thursday March 3, 2005 @ 18:41:

ya i was gonna say, your not randy!

posted by R2k on Thursday March 3, 2005 @ 20:24:

well i love having my posts ripped off and all but i will b there and will send out the mass email 2 marcus and the crew

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