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posted Wednesday December 29, 2004 @ 12:34 by Powell News

This Tsunami might hurt the American's war efforts...

With the "War on Terror" already losing lots of support in the US, this Tsunami will just divert even more of its support into a movement to help with the reprocusions(sp?) of the Tsunami. Now I havent heard much about the push for relief crews (Disaster support soldiers), but if Canada ends up sending some I know at least one of my step brothers will be headed out there. So far we are just sending money, food, cash, sanitary, and medical stuffs, but I doubt thats all they will need after the initial mass graves are complete. This is really an epic disaster and its grim just watching the news since the 26th and the death toll creep higher and higher..."3,000 found dead so far" -> "24,000 dead" -> "40,000 dead" -> "70,000 dead" -> "100,000 dead and potential to double with after-effects".

posted by theferg on Thursday December 30, 2004 @ 14:45:

I know, it is so sad to see. Luckily I haven't been able to see much coverage on the news because I think it would just be too hard to watch. Good on your bro for being sent out to help. That is the kind of thing I support our Canadian troops training and being ready for. Not being deployed to fight one man's takeover in a hostile country that doesn't like being occupied..
Ferg out

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