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How To Fuck Blockbuster
posted Wednesday December 29, 2004 @ 06:31 by R2K News

So i heard that blockbuster has a great trade in ANY 4 games and get one free deal....

and so did everyone else at home office. So in our better attempt to screw them over, EB decided to drop some of our shittyest titles (and oh man do i mean shitty) to a whole $.99!
So i bought 16 of these "games" took them to my local blockbuster and got 4 new releases that were $60 each for free!!
What coast me $16 got me 4 new games. I think someone's going to get fired over this. And i'm sure other EB's are doing the same also.
So since I'm screwing blockbuster i figures skotty would be proud because he always likes to screw the government, this is me helping......
by the way skot, wheres my free hydro at!


posted by biig [website] on Saturday January 1, 2005 @ 14:01:

Hooks me up with some $0.99 games my man! I have a hankering!

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