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So much BS...dont know where to begin
posted Tuesday December 21, 2004 @ 16:57 by Powell News

oh my god, those lechers aka. internet piraters...linching here we come!

Read the article...these guys sound like the KKK of the Entertainment industry. Its a good thing we are cracking down now on video piracy, before the industry crashes like the Music industry has...bah, bull shit, pure and simple.

posted by superdug [website] on Tuesday December 21, 2004 @ 23:47:

well I was thinking back to a time when I used to talk to this dude named NightWolf, Pringles, and BigAss.

So I stopped by #nightchat and there was no one around :-/

whered you kids run off to?

posted by wolf on Thursday December 23, 2004 @ 07:59:

im still around there, sometimes i forget to join there, but if you check out #mirc-scripts im usually idle there now.

posted by BigASS (biig) on Friday January 7, 2005 @ 14:24:

heya... still around, not so much on IRC anymore, but always on bork :-)

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