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Some People Can't take the hint...
posted Monday November 29, 2004 @ 21:04 by R2K News

So as you all know many months ago me and Dawn split....Yay we all though, but unfortunatally she still thinks that we are friends and keeps on giving me messages and crap.
So after the crap i went through today i decided to draw the line and become "evil" R2K and be a bitch....

Here is the MSN message.....
I think you can actually tell exactly when i stopped trying to be nice, and also notice from the start i really don't want to talk to her at all..... says:
hey you...whatcha doing tonight?

R2K says:
nothing special says:
wanna do somethin? says:

R2K says:
no car says:
how come?

R2K says:
it blew up 2day says:
WHAT!!! says:
that's too much! says:
I can pick you up and take you home...we'll do coffee at zavida and you can fill me in says: about an hour says:
...or so

R2K says:
na cany got lots to do,

R2K says:
might need to find a car

R2K says:
gotta look online

R2K says:
figure what to do for a cupple of days

R2K says:
and house looking as well says:
nice...where are you looking now?

R2K says:
maybe no where car depending says:
lol says:
that would throw a wrench into things says:
so did you go to work today?

R2K says:
eventually says:
oh deqr says:
dear** says:
well, if you feel like coffee..I'll be home. Let me know says:
just needed a change of scenery

R2K says:
na i don't think that would be a good idea says:
alright...anything wrong other than you need to find a car? says:
...i mean, is it a bad idea because you have stuff to do or am I the bad idea?

R2K says:
nothing right now is doing at close to well, and i really don;t think i should be talking to you about it because none of it you can make better or see the sevarity of what i am having to deal with right now and i believe we made the decesion quite some time age that you are not part of it! says:
sorry you feel that way. I thought we were still friends says:
Randy...are you still there? anser your phone

R2K says:
i'm on it doing calls about a car says:
will you call me later.... says:
anyway, I wont push. Just because we didn't work (at all) doesn't mean I wont listen if you need to talk. Despite what you may think, I think you're a great guy! I still count you as one of my me if you want. I'll be around.

R2K says:
I will be very busy trying to figure out what the hell i am going to do about a possible new car that won't kill my house investment, which is already in jeaporady due to the bank fucking me on my inheradence while now currently bussing it to barrie and back while already working 75 hrs a week plus D.J. so i unfortunatally wont be around later like you will be b'c i have to get up 3:30 to get the bus and incase you havent noticed friends usually talk and call each other.....I DON"T CALL U AT ALL

posted by Powell on Tuesday November 30, 2004 @ 04:55:

thats rough man...

What happened to your car though or are you just using that as an excuse? (didnt catch sarcasm in the car thing).

posted by bandit on Tuesday November 30, 2004 @ 08:08:

Thats my boy!! tell her like it is! It's about time someone other than me stopped being nice to stupid people! (yes i'm a bitch, but at least i'm honest)

posted by R2K on Tuesday November 30, 2004 @ 17:03:

No sarcasim about th car, it actually did blow up on the 400 to work. The entire gear box including the 4x4, drive shaft and lots of other expensive parts

posted by doggy on Thursday December 2, 2004 @ 20:09:

the 4x4 is the gear box it just turns on a vacume and clicks it in2 gear and rurns 2 axels instead ov 1 mabie i should lurn 2 drive stick berrer:)i know it wasent the tork that busted the geers cus u dont got any

posted by wolf on Friday December 3, 2004 @ 06:32:

before you learn to drive stick 'berrer' maybe learn to spell 'berrer' :P

posted by dan on Friday December 3, 2004 @ 19:03:

yea mabie i should use only type stuf when im not about 2 fall asleap that dosent make sence at all :) hehehee o wel nothing new there hey randy why dont u go on a jeep website jeepqings or go 2 a wreckers then u dont have 2 pay so mutch ask garth he might know somebody with a new tranny 4 ya and somebody who can install it 4 cheaper

posted by R2K on Saturday December 4, 2004 @ 06:01:

Ya because garths jeep held up so well...hehe
already went to wreakers and crap the grand total is about $3,300 roughly... ouch

posted by wolf on Saturday December 4, 2004 @ 12:46:

i feel your pain randy, my car just got an engine transplant.

posted by doggy on Monday December 6, 2004 @ 23:26:

join the club now all your sensors wil start 2 fail because they got all beeet up during instilation like mine

posted by Willow on Saturday December 11, 2004 @ 20:25:

You are a total prick. She is just trying to be supportive and a friend. Simply telling her you don't want to continue a friendship would have been sufficient! Public embarassement like this is not cool!!!!!

posted by Shocker on Tuesday December 14, 2004 @ 22:00:

Who is "WILLOW"? and what does she think she knows about the situation that R2K was in?

posted by bandit on Wednesday December 15, 2004 @ 07:40:

Who the hell is Willow and who the hell do they think they are?! I can vouch for R2K in this situation cause I've known the person in question for over ten years. she was weird then, and she's weird now. willow needs to shut the hell up and stop butting into things he/she knows fuck all about!

posted by biig on Wednesday December 15, 2004 @ 11:49:

That's a spicey-AH meat-AH-ball!

posted by R2K on Wednesday December 15, 2004 @ 20:20:

I see a cat fight a brewing, this might be cool to watch, we could throw some mud in it and call it a pay-per-view

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