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wtf canadian tire dudes wife takes over...
posted Sunday November 28, 2004 @ 21:26 by nightwolf Rants

okay so the latest batch of canadian tire commercials the wife is doing the advertisements. this one was some quick flip drill bit thing.

ill end this rant with the subject of one of my recent spam messages... Drill Her Like An Oil Well.

p.s. thank you to the people who do mass mailings putting my address in the CC with a ton of other random who knows who they are people. then one of those randoms has spyware which harvests email addresses on their computer and all of a sudden my personal address gets the more action then i do. people, use the BCC when sending useless mails to a lot of people, then i dont see other peoples addresses and they dont see mine, then i wont get pissed off and write a huge rant like this one... thank you drive thru.

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