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how ironic...
posted Tuesday November 23, 2004 @ 12:55 by nightwolf News

so i gave my resignation at work this week. starting a new job next week, should be way more promising future there.

then after the final interview on my way back, my car literally went *poop*. barely made it home, its parked in the driveway till i take it to the auto shop to get revived. hopefully wont cost me too much, i hope to get a new car in the near future.

posted by R2K on Wednesday November 24, 2004 @ 05:47:

Well if you car is "poop" you might be able to sell it to scott's dad.

posted by wolf on Wednesday November 24, 2004 @ 10:25:

actually, the engine is dead, needs to be swapped. and funny as it is, its going to the same place where scotts dad takes his van, same guy will be working on it.

posted by biig [website] on Wednesday November 24, 2004 @ 10:30:

You sir!

I demand satisfaction in the form of a duel, tomorrow at sunrise!

posted by wolf on Wednesday November 24, 2004 @ 13:21:

tomorrow at sunrise? before or after the cops are doing radar on the side streets? its that time of the month... meet the quota time!

posted by R2K on Wednesday November 24, 2004 @ 16:42:

Before sunrise, that's sooo early, do i have time for a coffee and smoke??
and maybe some Halo2?

posted by doggy on Saturday November 27, 2004 @ 02:45:

i could have sold u my beretta it was cheep like the budgie
only neaded abs senswors fuletank engin boddy work sprayjob batery

posted by wolf on Wednesday December 1, 2004 @ 13:26:

got engine swap done in my car, its back to life for awhile...

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