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Heres the latest story from Dan and Steph
posted Thursday November 18, 2004 @ 18:19 by theferg News

It involves us getting yet another pet to add to our zoo in our basement apartment

So Dan is walking Lexy the other day down the walkway towards the park. Its a pretty chilly day, the leaves are all piled up along the walkway. Lexy suddenly acts funny and starts to sniff and dig in the leaves. Doesn't she uncover with her paw a little baby rat! So Dan is kinda concerned cuz its a white albino rat and not the wild kind. Someone has either set it free on purpose, or it somehow escaped from a nearby house. Its all little and shivering.....

So he brings it home (obviously I encouraged him to). Turns out the (female) rat is cute as a button and totally tame. She is sitting on my shirt as I type this. So Dan looks at the rat, then looks at me, then at the rat, then at me the a long story short is that I agreed we could keep the rat which we named Frosty.
Although I'm sure Lexy is pretty proud of herself that she is now a pseduo "search and rescue" dog, she is starting to get jealous of the rat. Also I discovered today while trying to snap a pic of them together, that she is totally scared of it. Every time I held Frosty close, she would move her body away. She finally squished herself against the wall and looked at me like "PLEASE don't get that thing near me!" So I backed off.

Anyway, Frosty is sooo cute, you'll have to come by and meet her...

Ferg out

posted by Becky on Thursday December 9, 2004 @ 09:32:

congrats on ur new addition to the family

keep on ur campaign on the pit bulls!
I 've been encouraging it here like crazy cause we have dozens of ppl who want to ban 'em..they're such an awesome breed....i can think of many other breeds that deserve banning aka the chi's, the ameskies....etc

later babe! talk to u soon

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