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for more years!
posted Wednesday November 3, 2004 @ 15:21 by nightwolf News

Bush has somehow done it again. World beware...

This guy has a good read that I agree with about America... heres a short exerpt from it:

"Everyone told the same story--the world hates America. When talking to foreigners, I can tell them about the Bill of Rights or freedom or World War II, or whatever I want, but all they see is this big, stupid, arrogant, playground bully and a stolen election in Florida last time. I think America deserves better."

posted by wolf on Wednesday November 3, 2004 @ 15:27:

yes i intentionally spelled the title wrong in honor of Bush.

posted by biig [website] on Thursday November 4, 2004 @ 08:05:

It is a bittersweet pill when democracy has been embraced, people have voted and they (us too by lesser attachment) are left in the same sinking boat that was torpedoed by the first 4 years of puppet republicrat neo-conservative 'leadership'. But fair is fair, the majority has spoken and the Americans who side strongly with their conviction will vote with their feet, separating the wheat from the chaff - leaving the rest to get what they deserve (eg. no global allies or support).

posted by biig [website] on Thursday November 4, 2004 @ 08:10:

PS: After the election, the US dollar is at a 12-year low against the Canadian dollar - time to start thinking about hedging your US investments, or pulling out completely before the USD/CAD dollars approach parity.

posted by biig [website] on Thursday November 4, 2004 @ 08:17:

PPS: To all our US neighbors and friends: don't take me 100% serious, I'm just spouting off.

posted by Powell on Thursday November 4, 2004 @ 12:06:

not 100% serious, but coming up to what...85% serious? ;-)

I still cant get over some of the stuff the Americans believe, how ignorant it makes them look.

The church still has a huge hold on the government and voting back this church-loving president again is one big "WE DONT LIKE THE NEW WORLD" sign.

All this talk about 'moving forward' and shit is just BS because the states cant move forward due to their one foot being stuck in past ways and antiquated morals. In the modern world the States is a leader in one area, they are one of the foremost countries run by their religion.

I wanted Kerry in for one reason, some, and I only say "some" of his views were less grounded in 'belief' and more in progress/country-global interest than Bush. The states has a long way to go before they can be the leading country anymore, right now they are just an overplump rich child that is throwing tantrums because they are not premier leader and instead a leading bully that is slowly losing his ability to bully.

posted by Powll on Thursday November 4, 2004 @ 16:52:

By the way, who here knows if Bush is moving towards implementing a draft or not? and if so, what do you think will be the guidlines of such a draft.

If he does put in a draft he will have to really play up the "we need to fight for middle-east Democracies" notion as I have a hard time believing that Americans will be able to swallow a draft and still be 51% in favour of the bush administration...then again...they are Americans... *hey look, something shiny*

posted by Powell on Thursday November 4, 2004 @ 16:53:

On a side note, I dont believe all Americans are dumb/brainwashed, I just think a good many are and most dont even realize it.

posted by biig on Thursday November 4, 2004 @ 18:29:

^^ That's what I meant by less than 100% serious. My views only applied to the same percentage that you refer to that are dumb/brainwashed. Because, hey, tens of millions of americans didn't vote for the shrub.

posted by Partyboy [website] on Friday November 5, 2004 @ 16:29:­p.jhtml?type=topNews&storyID=616225

H­A­ HA HA, that's all I have to say. HA HA HA

posted by R2K on Saturday November 6, 2004 @ 11:37:

There was a vote????

posted by Powell on Saturday November 6, 2004 @ 12:27:

I cannot open that link for some reason...

posted by Partyboy on Saturday November 6, 2004 @ 15:53:

powell click he website part beside my name...

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