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Only Me
posted Saturday October 23, 2004 @ 12:08 by R2K News

Well we all went to the gentleman's club last night......

They were everywhere i think i got some whip lash.
Anyways, I think we all had fun and am glad that nightwolf was able to "feel better" so he could come out.
Now for the story.......
so after a few drinks have been had i walk into the smoking cage with my bro and some people, then all i a sudden i hear some1 scream my FULL name.....HMMMMmmmm i though, who could that be?
I look over and it was one of the stripers and then it hit me......HOLY SHIT!
It's an Ex-girlfriend!!!!.....again!!
So a cupple of "dances" later (going to hell) We end up talking in the back and crap like old times. Now by this point i've already text messaged Alyssa (Bandit) and told her i'm never drinking again so i'm pretty good at this point......and then there was a "hey it's his b-day" and then there were boobies all over me. It was great.

So none the less i guess the lesson is, if u see an ex dancing at the strippers, get a lap dance from her, because her roomate is mostlikely working there as well and is hot also.

Thanx everyone


also there was no way in hell i was going to be able to get to the protest 2day, movement of anykind today is not happening

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