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I'm Back
posted Tuesday October 19, 2004 @ 13:52 by R2K News

So the EB show this year was great.....

The show consisted of halo2, halo2, halo2, and some guy from sony was there i think.
got to play halo2, was frigen cool, got my pic taken with master chief (will post later) and lots o cool free shit.

It is always good to run into people at these things that you don't get to see that often, have a drink and so on. i did figure one thing out though. I must've been a really cool drunk last year or somthing. People kept coming up to my "hey Randy how it going"? and i have no fucking clue who they are. Just after that they proceed to hand me a beer ticket and say "have one on me". I think all three nights i ended up having more beer tickets in my pocket that the vendors running the party.

so lots of drinks, and money lost at the casino (our hotel was in the casino). I learned a valuble lession about gambling, dont get drunk then gamble, and drink more.
i'm sitting at the black jack table totally done and hitting on 19 and 20 here. Not a good sign i tell ya.

b-day plans to come soon

R2K out

P.s. i'm never drinking again

posted by Partyboy on Tuesday October 19, 2004 @ 17:15:

Gee, I think I can recall a certain R2K saying that after his first experience jumping in Weir's pool...

posted by biig [website] on Wednesday October 20, 2004 @ 09:48:

I think you meaning jumping of the deck, landing on concrete below and failing into Weir's pool. Casinos prey on drunk players like MJ on little boys: don't do it.

Ps. I love bees.

posted by biig on Wednesday October 20, 2004 @ 09:49:

^^My grammar good speak. Thank you reading for my post. Doh.

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