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Well... we lost
posted Saturday October 16, 2004 @ 00:35 by theferg News

Attorney General Michael I'm-a-fuckin-dickhead Bryant has gone ahead with legislation to ban "pit bulls"

So far this does not mean that anyone who already owns a pit bull would have to give them up. What it means, is that after the next month while they hatch their witchcraft with local municipalities and work out the dirty details, all dogs that "look like a pit bull, bark like a pit bull, and wag their tails like a pit bull" will have severe restrictions. (I swear to God thats a fucking quote). I wonder if anyone could copy that attitute and use it to better THEIR situation: "I swear officer, she looked like she was 18, smelled like she was 18, and fucked like she was 18!"

Anyhoo, the conditions of the ban are:

-mandatory spaying and neutering
-licensing with the town (no sneaking around it otherwise they can take your dog away)
-muzzling when in public
-excludance from public parks (including dog parks)
-leashed at all times
-upping the fines for related pit bull deviances from 5 grand to 10
-jail time up to 6 months for grand offences
-the ability to have your dog euthanized for "menacing behaviour" (this could work either good or bad depending on how much your neighbours like you)

CTV, CP24 and I believe the Toronto Star's websites all have polls on whether the dogs should be banned or not, or whether the government has created a huge cock up. Although it won't overturn legislation, if the media sources are reporting that much of the public body is not in favour of the ban it could help us.
Derek if you could post some kind of link to these websites so we could all go on a few times a day and vote NO to banning or restricting pit bulls that would be so helpful.
I shed many a tear watching that uninformed cocky asshole share his canine racism with great gusto on live television this morning. And just as I felt, as soon as it was over, Lexy promptly got off the couch and puked on the floor.
Thats my girl.
Ferg out

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