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Off To The Show
posted Friday October 15, 2004 @ 11:34 by R2K News

Well I'm off to niagra falls to attend the EB show this year....

Should be interesting as always. Every year somthing goes awall such as floods, black outs and planes crashing into buildings. So hopefully this year goes off w/out a hitch, but knowing my luck i'll get arrested in the casino for scratching my nose or somthing. James Caan will come out and lay a can of woop ass on me.
Oh well. I plan to clean house again with the free shit/swag. Dying to see what Nokia will give me this year, i already have 3 n-gages now, and hopefully the EA guy doesn't remember me as "the loud mouth for last year".
Back late monday and will tell you all about it.

R2K out

also b-day plans fri oct 22 wisky-a-go-go!!!
derek ur coming

posted by derek on Friday October 15, 2004 @ 22:25:

uh, and why wouldnt i be?

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