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The Pain, the pain
posted Wednesday October 6, 2004 @ 07:09 by R2K News

So last sunday we tried the first day of EB Football

And boy was it fun. I haven't played ball since high skool and this was a little better than i remember.

And i know you are all football!?!?! Yes, I hurt like a little bitch named sally that's in the army i tell ya though even still 3 days later.
I hurt all over and i want it to go away.

But some hight lights of my dismemberment are but not limited to.
1. Josh draging me "ball and chain" about 10-15 feet.
2. Having Blair roll over me head and hearing my head crack
3. Charles breaking my leg (close to it)
4. Marcus twisting my ankle
5. Skot calling me names
6. Still being drunk from the night b4 (open bar wedding)

So i'm thinking of a new term....I'm never playing football again.......

posted by biig [website] on Wednesday October 6, 2004 @ 09:15:

I thought I was the only one that was still hurting a couple days later. My leg is black and blue from where Josh landed on it.


Scott - "Hey guys, why don't we play two hand touch?"
Guys - "What's wrong SALLY, leave your SKIRT at home bitch!"
Scott - "Erm.. ok.. lets get it on!"

Scott later - "Owwww the pain, the goggles, they do nothing!"

posted by theferg on Wednesday October 6, 2004 @ 18:00:

Oh I can just hear in my head the feigned enthusiasm in Scott's small voice as he concedes "ok...lets get it on"..(Randy and he exchange uncertain looks as Josh smiles Dr. Evil like)

posted by R2K on Wednesday October 6, 2004 @ 18:56:

OH.. i was all for the tackle football, everyone else was worried for me,...but, haha i showed them... i guess

posted by Partyboy on Thursday October 7, 2004 @ 05:40:

I can see it now, scott standing there at the line of scrimmage trying to type on his laptop, then jukin and jivin around the defender and then BAM!! running into Josh.

posted by biig [website] on Friday October 8, 2004 @ 10:12:

^^ haha randy, hit penny arcade and read gabes review on Metriod running on the Nintendo DS:

"In just a few minutes I was pulling off classic FPS maneuvers like jumping, spinning around and shooting Tycho in the fucking face."

Haha, coffee came out my nose.

posted by Bandit on Friday October 8, 2004 @ 14:33:

I'm sorry to hear about your injuries, maybe some padding next time will help (wanna borrow mine?) Speaking of which, what the hell are my tits doing on the internet?! I don't display those for free buddy-boy! I will expect my cheque to be in the mail any day.

posted by wolf on Friday October 8, 2004 @ 15:09:

if you want money, i want more.

posted by R2K on Friday October 8, 2004 @ 19:09:

Well Alyssa, they are just soooooo nice that i think everyone should have a look :)

posted by Partyboy on Friday October 8, 2004 @ 21:10:

Here Here, R2K, I agree, let's have a look see...

posted by doggy on Saturday October 9, 2004 @ 00:42:

oo 4 god sake randy stop druleing over her tits at least they arnt spreas allover the internet like jays x :) what is that again

posted by wolf on Saturday October 9, 2004 @ 18:14:

actually doggy, jays pics are located on bork:­people%2Fpartyboy%2FNipple%20Peircing­

posted by Powell on Sunday October 10, 2004 @ 11:50:

so when is football on monday?

posted by biig [website] on Sunday October 10, 2004 @ 12:52:


posted by Powell on Sunday October 10, 2004 @ 18:18:

no...."when", what time?

posted by R2K on Monday October 11, 2004 @ 11:03:


posted by doggy on Monday October 11, 2004 @ 18:19:

no derik u dont get it or u do eather u are saying that jays x has hairy tits :))))))) or u dont know that we found pix of his x on the ggw website:)

posted by wolf on Monday October 11, 2004 @ 19:50:

ah, JAYS EX.
ok i get it now. i didnt notice the 'x' but i should have looked more carefully it being dan.

posted by partyboy on Monday October 11, 2004 @ 22:19:

First of all, that's enough of Doggy talking about my tits...

Secondly, that's enough out of you guys talking about my ex's tits...

thirdly, let's talk more about randy's friends tits...

posted by wolf on Tuesday October 12, 2004 @ 00:05:

why limit ourselves to one set of tits? shouldnt we treat them all equally?

posted by doggy on Sunday October 17, 2004 @ 19:42:

hey dude if u want to treat jays tits the same way u want 2 treat alyssa tits emm u need help :) (JK)

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