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Turning corners...
posted Tuesday October 5, 2004 @ 15:03 by bigass Rants

Josh and I were talking about GWBs catch phrases during debates and speeches, and how he kept referencing 'turning the corner'. What can I say, it stuck in my head...

It's been about a good 3-4 years since I've honest to goodness, 'designed' a webpage. Part of the reason behind that is the same mentality that I get when I try to make my mind up to purchase a digital camera. There's always something better right around the corner that catches my eye. But I've decided that I've got to take the plunge, both on the technology purchasing front, as well as web design.

I'm banging my head against the wall trying to come up with a design for my eternal side project. It really looks like the way to go is CSS layout and formatting with XHTML strict DTD. But that's the easy part; saying the names, that is. Implementing them is another can of worms. I'm trying to use an out of the box (open source) shopping cart/ecommerce engine, but doubt that I'm going to be able to get it to validate. Every time I get close to diving into a design, something better comes along that makes my current work look like proverbial dog shit.

I remember I posted that I was going to do something with bork's layout/design and suggest it to the almighty wolf, as sort of a bid to get back into the design arena. I guess this post is just to remind myself when I read the archives a few months from now that I should get underway with that design. Hopefully I'll have one nice webpage under my belt by then.

Should be interesting...

posted by wolf on Tuesday October 5, 2004 @ 15:26:

ya where is that new bork design. i remember the demo page was getting there, then it dropped off the face of the planet (like steph and dan!)

posted by R2K on Wednesday October 6, 2004 @ 07:01:

well i think you should go with an IGA layout that u can get VIA a BYOB from a AEIOU and somtimes Y and rerout a PMS on the TGIF using a TTFN engine.
that's your best choice

posted by biig [website] on Wednesday October 6, 2004 @ 09:11:

R2k: Point taken. ;-)

posted by theferg on Wednesday October 6, 2004 @ 17:57:

Here here,
Randy doesn't come on here and ask us how many copies of Doom he should put on display (bare with me REALLY game illiterate here)...Take your design talking shit somewhere else ya hippy

posted by biig on Wednesday October 6, 2004 @ 20:59:

Hey, there's politics involved in the post too! Read a couple of my posts, maybe you'll learn something about web programming and make your own bork, except that it'll be called erm.. something else.. and you could sell it for 1 MEEEEELLION DOLLARS

posted by wolf on Thursday October 7, 2004 @ 19:41:

hrm... 1 meeeeeellion dollars huh...

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