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xmas eve eve party
posted Saturday December 24, 2005 @ 02:33 by nightwolf News

so blake had a party tonight (well last nite). it was good, me, randy, scott were there...

i'll get the pics and videos up tomorrow if i can, got some family getogether i gotta goto also though.

was a good night, lots of funny ass pics and videos. scotty had my camera and missed a good scene unfortunately of my scrap. i walked away with a few pieces of skin missing, was well worth it. people got banged up pretty good. blake also lost a chunk of hair (in one of the pics). few others have sore heads,arms,etc.

i left around 2:30am, got pulled over on the way home haha. dude said i was going too fast around a corner at an intersection, whatever. then he bitched about my photocopied vehicle permit, saying i had to have the original. let me off with a threat/warning, then tailgated me out of town. grrrrr.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY ONE (lil timmy voice).

p.s. in january i might have a party here at the new house, moms going away for a few days, so i can be noisy late at night. hopefully by then, some more of my basement will be finished, bathroom is almost done. i think its the 2nd week of january, will post more details when i have them.

p.p.s. too short notice this time, but next party, bork webcams will be there. so you people stuck at home can see some of the crazy action going on via the webcam page live.

- look at the pics
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